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What Are Dental Implants?
Escanaba, MI

Rendering of dental implants from Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry in Escanaba, MI.At Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry, we recognize that you may need to get replacement teeth at some point in your life. Our dentists are experienced at addressing any tooth gaps that may exist in your mouth. To do so, we often turn to dental implants that can help us to safely mount bridges, dentures, or entirely new teeth wherever they are needed.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

What we call a dental implant is a titanium post similar to a tooth root. We surgically place this post directly into your jawbone and underneath the gum line. Doing so ensures that is affixed to a solid surface and that whatever we place upon it does not move or come loose. Unlike bridges, which can be problematic to your dental health because they anchor themselves to other teeth, dental implants give you the tooth support you need with no unexpected side effects. None of your nearby teeth will have to be ground down or prepared to hold your new tooth in place.

Can I Use Dental Implants?

There are some considerations that you should think about before you elect to use dental implants for your replacement tooth needs. For dental implants to work, you must make sure that you have a strong enough bone in your jaw and healthy gums that together will support the implant. Bone that is too soft or thin may require a preliminary bone graft before we move on to the dental implant procedure. If you lack the proper bone height in the upper jaw or if your sinuses are too near to your jaw, we may recommend a sinus lift beforehand. If your jaw is positioned well, your bones are strong, and your gums are healthy, then dental implants are an excellent choice when it comes to replacement teeth and your oral health.

Dental Implant Surgery

The procedure for inserting a dental implant into your mouth is fairly fast and painless. So long as your bone and gum tissue are in good shape, it may take a mere half hour to get through the process. Our dentists will remove a small core of bone from the area in question and insert the implant in the opening created. Most of the time, this opening is quite small and will not need stitches. After the surgery has ended, the pain is minimal, and so acetaminophen or ibuprofen is usually sufficient to address any soreness.

How To Take Care Of A Dental Implant

Dental implants can last for quite a long time so long as you continue to check in with us through routine dental visits and maintain a good oral hygiene. For the maximum success with your dental implant, we recommend that you stick to a good brushing and flossing routine. We recommend trying interdental brushes, which can help you slide between your teeth and clean hard to reach areas adjacent to your implant. We also encourage you to drop bad habits like smoking, which can weaken your bone structure, and chewing on hard foods, which can risk breaking your replacement teeth.

If you think that dental implants might be right for you and would like to learn more, call us today at (906) 212-4725.

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What Are Dental Implants? | Bay Lakes Complex Dentistry - Escanaba, MI
At Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry, we can safely place dental implants in your mouth to address any tooth gaps that may exist. Click here to learn more.
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