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Implants vs. Dentures and Bridges
Escanaba, MI

Elderly woman enjoying her new smile at Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry in Escanaba, MI 49829-3900Increasingly, patients are discovering the benefits of restoring their teeth with dental implants. By placing a connective piece, known as a dental implant, between your bone and gum line, we can not just temporarily restore, but permanently restore your tooth. Dental implants can give you a tooth that will look, feel, and function as your natural tooth once did. Dr. Lasnoski, along with the rest of our staff at Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry will work to evaluate your physical, financial, and dental health needs helping you determine if a dental implant is right for you.

Dental implants are changing the world of dentistry. Missing teeth, loose dentures, and the problems that come from them are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Our patients are living longer, doing more, and want to look and feel younger longer. We agree, and we can help. Healthy, functioning teeth will make you feel better, look better, and overall be happier. Dr. Lasnoski can share this highly successful, permanent solution with you.

Dental implants have a greater than 98% rate of success, making them the most successful of all other dental restorations. When used with customized dental appliances, you can once again have a mouthful of healthy teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is not a replacement tooth, but a replacement tooth root. The root of your tooth provides the stability that your tooth needs to stay in place; it is that connective piece that binds your tooth to the jawbone. A dental implant is a titanium metal rod that we surgically implant into the bone to serve as a new tooth root when a tooth has been lost.

This small titanium rod will provide the dramatic difference that you need to have a functional tooth. Titanium has been the metal of choice for surgeons for repairs throughout the body. It is lightweight, incredibly strong, and has the unique properties needed not to be rejected by your body. Because of these characteristics, surgeons use titanium rods to repair knees, shoulders, hips, and as a replacement tooth root. Besides not being rejected, your body heals and binds with the titanium, making it a permanent part of your body. The titanium bonds with our body through a process known as osseointegration, which in medical terms means to take in, or integrate, with your bone. As your body heals, it attaches connective tissue and bone fragments to the titanium rod, making it bond with it. After a few months, the result will be a metal rod that is fused to your bone.

Once the rod is firmly in place, we can then proceed to design the right tooth replacement for your needs. This may be a dental crown, a dental bridge, or even a denture device. In some situations, we may have placed multiple dental implants. Dr. Lasnoski will review your specific needs and make recommendations based on that criteria. We want to restore your dental health and provide you with the function you once had.

Dental Implants vs. Other Dental Restorations

There are other options that can replace or restore a tooth once it is missing. This may include a dental bridge, a partial denture, or a full denture. There are ways to attach these devices using neighboring teeth, clasps, pressure, suction, and adhesives, but if you are looking for a permanent solution dental implants are right for you. Implants are more than permanent; they allow you to forget it’s there.

Standard Dental Bridges
The traditional method when placing a dental bridge relies on the strength and health of neighboring teeth - teeth that we have to alter permanently. A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth by placing a replacement tooth that is anchored on either side with dental crowns over healthy teeth. Before placement, these healthy anchor teeth need to be reduced in size to have the room necessary for the crowns, a procedure that can not be reversed.

Partial Denture
Partial dentures are held in place using a clasping system that attaches to neighboring healthy teeth. The patient can clasp and unclasp the denture device as needed. Though an effective system, the clasps have been known to scratch and damage the supporting teeth. Also, this system does not allow the patient to forget its presence. The patient removes the device for cleaning, and has to consider the limits of the attachment when eating certain foods.

Traditional Full Dentures
Though full dentures serve a purpose after the function has been lost, they have never been known for their comfort or ease of use. Loose dentures will mean a dramatic change of lifestyle for the patient. They will need to consider their device and its limits, throughout their day. Patients frequently report social anxiety and frustration when growing accustomed to this minimally functional device.

At Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry, we can eliminate all of the downsides to the products listed above, and help your device feel and function like your teeth. We do this by providing an anchor, a firm point of contact with your bone. A dental implant allows you not to rely on or alter your healthy teeth and gives you the gift of peace of mind. Don’t live with discomfort, or frustration; you use your teeth multiple times a day, not just to eat, but to talk, and smile, and engage in social situations. We can help.

Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

If you are missing multiple teeth, or even all of your teeth, dental implants are right for you. We offer a variety of options that can replace missing teeth that accommodate multiple needs. There isn’t just one size, or type, of implant available. They come in a variety of widths and lengths to match your specific needs. Implants can be used for patients with robust bone, or minimal bone. Though many implants may require a bone graft procedure, that is not true for every situation. There are options available that are less invasive and mini implants do not even require surgical placement.

Dental Implants can:
•  Serve as the anchoring system for a dental bridge, allowing it to replace multiple missing teeth.
•  Anchor a partial denture, which fills in multiple spaces of missing teeth between healthy remaining teeth, without clasping to healthy teeth.
•  Anchor a denture device by using multiple implants, usually between 4-6 implants. These implants will anchor the denture replacing an entire arch of teeth, permanently stabilizing the denture device. When used to anchor an upper arch, the patient can then not have the roof of their mouth covered, which is a common complaint of traditional denture wearers, as it reduces the ability to taste.

Contact Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry at (906) 212-4725 to schedule your dental implant consultation today.


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Implants vs. Dentures and Bridges | Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry
Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry will work to evaluate your physical, financial, and dental health needs helping you determine if a dental implant is right for you.
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